Wheat Crop Production Technology Guideline 2023

Wheat is considered to be the most important crop in Pakistan like many other countries due to its nutritional value
Wheat is one of the most cultivated crops in Pakistan
In order to meet the food needs of the country, the government of Punjab has introduced various support packages in which along with production competitions, a discount of Rs. 1500 per bag is also being given.

National plan to increase per acre production of wheat 2023-24 which is named as More Wheat More Prosperity(زیادہ گندم زیادہ خوشحالی)

Approved varieties of wheat for Subsidy

Arooj, Nawab, Sadiq, Nishan, Dilkash, Akbar, Bhakkar Star, Fakhar Bhakkar, Subhani, Markaz, Anaj, Ujala, MH21, NARC Super and Barani 17 are included.

IMP Notes:

1:Subsidy of Rs.1500 per bag will be provided through vouchers on certified seeds of selected varieties of wheat.
2: A farmer can get subsidy for up to five acres of seed.

Wheat Varieties and Their Characteristics:

Dilkash: High Yield, More No of  Tillers, Disease Resistance, Requires much water comparatively other. Avg yield per acre 70 maund.

Akbar: High Yielding, Good Taste, less no of tillers as compare to Dilkash, Their is one issue garin holding capacity is very low. 

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